Fine Valley Pass

by thruoutin

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剧 (opera) 01:57
水 (water) 02:06
市 (market) 05:52
草 (grass) 03:06


Artist 艺人: thruoutin

Album Title 专辑名称: 嘉峪关 (Fine Valley Pass)

Year 发行时间: 2013-2016

Label 唱片公司: Aud-Art

Track List曲目:

01. thruoutin - 剧 (opera)
02. thruoutin - 水 (water)
03. thruoutin - 市 (market)
04. thruoutin - 草 (grass)
05. thruoutin - 草 (grass) (Jana Sleeps remix)
06. thruoutin - 市 (market) (Escaping Animals remix)
07. thruoutin - 水 (water) (illl 1985 remix)
08. thruoutin - 剧 (opera) (Eigenheimer remix)
09. thruoutin - 市 (market) (Johnny Jitters remix)
10. thruoutin - 市 (market) (ilkae remix)

This release is compiled of field recordings taken from the city of Jiayuguan, Gansu Province, China on August 20th, 2013. The recordings were later set to sounds in Beijing during the 2014 Chinese New Year. The album title in Chinese characters are those of the city's name, however the English titles have been intentionally translated character by character to sound a little odd and represent the sometimes, slightly out of place feeling one can get from visiting a new place for the first time. The four tracks are titled using a single word in both languages that have significance with the content of the song.

The album began as a concept while traveling to perform in the Silk Road · Jiayuguan Great Wall International Music Festival in order to capture the feeling of the city and it's sounds.
More can be found about the festival here:

这张专辑的采样是2013年在中国甘肃深嘉峪关录制而成。2014年的北京春分时刻thruoutin把这些采样和自己的音乐放在一起。这张专辑叫《嘉峪关》但英文的翻译thruoutin故意反过来把每一个字要不正确的翻译,Fine, Valley, Pass。专辑里每一个歌曲的名字表示歌曲里面的采样。开启这张专辑的出发点是thruoutin在嘉峪关参加“嘉峪关丝路长城音乐节”的时候。更多资料请打开链接

Over the span of 2014-2016 Pittsburgh based net label, Aud-Art, arranged a remix project to reissue pieces submitted by producers from around the world including Johnny Jitters (US), Escaping Animals (AUS), Ilkae (CA),
Jana Sleep (SE) illl (SK) and Eigenheimer (NL). The almost linear, ambient characteristic of the 4 track EP was lifted to a new level that incorporates new rhythmic and percussive ideas while simultaneously utilizing the original content. This project, curated by Johnny Jitters himself, has been a work in progress and now is finally available on Aud-Art.

2014-2016年美国匹兹堡数字唱片公司Aud-Art准备把《嘉峪关》这张专辑的歌曲全部由全新的制作人做remix。这些来自各个国家的音乐制作人比如Johnny Jitters (美国), Escaping Animals (澳洲), illl,(斯洛伐克), Ilkae (加拿大), Jana Sleep (瑞典) 与 Eigenheimer (荷兰)。原来的专辑比较线性感和氛围但是remix版本给人从新耳目一新的感觉。这remix的部分是Aud-Art创办人, Johnny Jitters策展的。

Credit 统筹:
All original music, recording, mixing, art work by thruoutin
Curation: Johnny Jitters
Mastering: Ephen Ager / JD McCann
Translation/editing: Wang Shengnan
所有原版的音乐,录音、混音、母带处理:thruoutin 策展: Johnny Jitters 翻译编辑: 王胜男

Special thanks 特感谢:Ami Li, China Music Radar, Skip Skip Ben Ben and Rachel Marsden (The Temporary)

About the Artist 关于艺人:
American born electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, thruoutin, has been based in China since 2009. His work varies from project to project, but often revolves around the combining of different genres and with a focus on organic and digital sounds. He has brought his music to Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and various cities in the US and throughout mainland China. Besides self-releases, thruoutin has also been featured on such labels as Jingweir (Beijing), Nasty Wizard Recordings (Beijing), 87Fei87 (Beijing), Huashan (Shanghai), LABAREDA (Lisbon), Senzu Collective (North Hollywood) and Aud-Art (Pittsburgh).

来自美国的电子音乐家与音乐制作人thruoutin,在中国成立了5年之久。奇怪的温情电子和中国民乐结合在一起,形成他独特的多元化的音乐风格。在他的音乐作品里你可以听到多种的艺术创作思维,自然的采样和物理电子发声等。曾在加拿大、台湾、韩国、中国和美国周边的几个城市都有音乐巡演。除了他个人独立发行的唱片外,也曾与多家唱片公司都有过合作关系。比如说:京味儿 (北京), 讨厌的向导 (北京), 87非87 (北京), Huashan (上海), LABAREDA (葡萄牙), Senzu Collective (加州)Aud-Art (匹兹堡)。


released April 13, 2016




Aud-Art Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

exploring various forms of non verbal communication since 2011

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